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IHS Global Privacy Policy


This privacy notice explains how we collect and use the personal data you provide to us and personal data about you that we may obtain from third parties.

This policy applies to:

    (1) all the websites, web/landing pages, online platforms, and applications that we operate,
    (2) our use of emails, SMS messages, phone calls, postal mailings, etc. for communications,
    (3) any other methods we use for collecting personal data, online or other, and
    (4) our means of processing, storing, handling, and distributing your personal data.

The following pages thoroughly describe what personal data we collect and why, how we handle your personal data, and how to exercise your rights related to your personal data.
We are committed to protecting your personal data, whether you are a visitor to our website and online platforms, a member of our community, a subscriber to our communications, a purchaser of our resources and/or services, a financial supporter or prayer partner, a volunteer, or a participant in one of our programs or events.

Any time you use our website or any of our services and/or provide us with any personal data, we will avail this privacy policy to you so that you are fully aware of how your data will be used and disclosed prior to collecting any of your data.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not agree to our processing of your data in the manner outlined in this privacy policy, please do not submit any personal data to us. That being said, you can update your preferences at any time. Please contact us in any of the ways shown in the How to Contact Us section at the end of this privacy notice.

Privacy notice in brief

Please read our privacy policy in full so that you understand what personal information we collect, how we may handle that personal data, and what your rights are. If you are short of time now, below is a summary of our privacy policy; however, please return to this document and read it in full. If you do not read this document, we are not responsible for your lack of knowledge about our data collection processes, although we will try to keep you as informed as possible.

  • We only collect the personal data that you agree we can collect. Your personal rights and freedoms will always guide our data collection processes.

  • We collect personal data, which means information that can be used to help identify a living individual, such as name, address, phone number, email address, IP address of the device you use to access our digital content, website pages accessed, etc. Under GDPR article 9-2(d) we also collect data on ethnicity, Religion, spiritual or philosophical beliefs, however, we will not discriminate anyone based on this information.

  • We collect personal data about everyone who engages with IHS Global, whether you are a visitor to our website, an enquirer about our activities or beliefs, a subscriber to our communications, a member of our community, a purchaser of our resources and/or services, a financial supporter or prayer partner, a volunteer, or a participant in one of our programs or events.

  • We collect personal data to provide you with services, goods, or additional information via our various communications channels; to fundraise for our work; to resource our activities and fulfil our charitable objectives; for administration; and for other community-building activities. This personal data is subject to use for analysis of our communications and ministry efforts and of our database health, and for the prevention or detection of crime. We do not participate in wealth screening.

  • We do our best to keep personal data secure.

  • We never sell your personal data; however, we will sometimes share your data with a partner organization if you give us the consent to do so. We recognize the importance of ensuring the safety and security of your personal data, so we require that all partners and data processors comply with data privacy regulations.

  • Some of our websites, web/landing pages, online platforms, and applications use cookies. For more information, please check our cookies policy.

All of the above standards and practices demonstrate our efforts to engage with you in an honest and transparent way and in compliance with GDPR, POPIA To share questions and comments, please see “How to Contact Us”.

Who we are

IHS Global®, through partnerships, equips Christian healthcare workers who are already caring for the physical needs of their patients to also care for their spiritual needs. Believing the words of Jesus that we are to be His witnesses from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth (Act 1:8), IHS Global equips and mobilizes Christians in the healthcare field and beyond as witnesses for Jesus.

IHS Global is registered with the Bureau of Corporation and Charitable Organizations (BCO) with registration number: 13784, under the principle address: 1485 Valley Forge Road, Phoenixville, Pa, 19460, and mailing address: PO Box 265, Southeastern, PA 19399.

For more information about IHS Global, visit our website, www.ihsglobal.org, or contact us in any of the ways show under How to Contact Us.

The personal data we collect and where we collect it from

We only collect the personal data that you agree we can collect. Your personal rights and freedoms will always guide our data collection processes.

Personal data is any data that can be used to identify you. For example, it may include data such as your name, postal address, email address, telephone number, mobile number, bank account details, and/or credit/debit card details. Personal data also includes online identifiers such as your Facebook and other ID’s, unique identifiers for the devices you use to connect to the internet (IP addresses), details of pages visited on our website, and files downloaded.

We collect personal data in the following ways:

Data that you give us directly

We collect personal data whenever you engage with us in any way to:

  • enquire about our activities or beliefs
  • download the “Come, Walk with Me” book
  • sign up to receive one or more of our communications, such as our Monthly Prayer Note and “Lessons Learned on the Journey,” etc.
  • make a donation to us, through our website or other means
  • purchase a resource through our online store/community
  • register for an event, including, but not limited to, a Webinar, the World Leadership Summit, a Saline Process Training, a Salt and Light Training, etc.
  • create an account on one of our websites, online platforms, or applications
  • engage with our social media
  • complete a survey, questionnaire, or feedback form
  • or otherwise provide us with personal data for any other reason.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to disclose any of this data to browse our website. However, if you choose to withhold requested data, we may not be able to provide you with certain services such as Newsletters, email communication, e-book download.

Data that you give us through independent third parties

Your personal data may be shared with us via independent third parties such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, etc.; however, these independent third parties will only do so when you engage with us via these sites. To fully understand how these independent third parties handle your data, you should check their individual privacy policies.

Data that we collect when you use our website

Website usage data is collected using cookies and Google Analytics. This helps us to see how many people use our website, how many people visit on a regular basis, and how popular individual pages are. Cookies are also essential to our website running correctly and delivering goods and services to users. For more information, please see our cookies policy at insert link.

Data from third parties

We may receive data about you from independent third-party organizations, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.; through one of our partner organizations (see list below); through a peer; through a pass through giving organization; or through various other third party affiliates.

Below is a list of our current partner organizations from whom we may receive personal data:

  • Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI)
  • International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA)
  • Christian Medical Fellowship of the UK (CMF-UK)
  • Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia (CMDFA)
  • Healthcare Christian Fellowship International (HCFI)
  • Healthcare Christian Fellowship of South Africa (HCFSA)
  • Health Outreach to the Middle East (HOME)
  • IHS–Alapítvány (IHS-H)
  • Ukraine Medical Outreach (UMO)
  • LifeNet
  • Medical Benevolence Foundation (MBF)
  • World Gospel Mission (WGM)
  • Kasr El Dobara Church in Cairo, Egypt
  • New Heights Church in Fayetteville, AK, USA
  • Liberty University
  • Cedarville University

We may receive updated delivery and address data from our delivery agents so that we can correct our records and deliver your next communications more easily.

Data from public sources

Some organizations may combine data you provide with data available from public sources or records, to gain a better understanding of supporters and those who engage with them. IHS Global has decided not to engage in such practices.

Special categories of data

Data protection law recognises that certain categories of personal data are more sensitive than others. This is known as sensitive personal data or special categories of data and covers data related to health, race, and ethnicity, religious or philosophical beliefs, political opinions, etc.

We recognize that this sort of personal data can put you at risk; therefore, we do not collect your sensitive personal data unless there is a clear reason for us doing so, such as to safeguard your involvement in an event where this information is necessary, to carry out appropriate checks on volunteers, to care for IHS Global community members, etc. For some events we will collect health data so that event leaders have the relevant data to care for event participants.

When we collect this data, we will make it clear to you what data we are collecting, why we are collecting that data, how we are justified in collecting that data, and how we plan on protecting that data.

Children’s personal data

We do not target our services at or knowingly collect personal data about anyone under 18 years of age.

How we use personal data

We may use your personal data in the following ways:

Responding to requests for information, resources, and products

  • to respond to enquiries about our ministry activities or beliefs
  • to provide information and/or additional communications that you have requested/subscribed to
  • to provide information about other resources, events, or programs that we offer which are similar to those you have already enquired about and/or subscribed to and to which you have not already unsubscribed
  • to provide ministry updates
  • to provide ongoing follow-up to your previous activities and engagement with IHS Global
  • to process and send you resources you have requested from IHS Global
  • to confirm orders/deliveries
  • to process event registrations
  • to send event reminders
  • to communicate with others upon your request
  • other communication needs

Marketing and Fundraising

  • to process any donation(s) we may receive from you
  • to provide donation receipts
  • to provide financial reports
  • to share giving opportunities and fundraising campaigns
  • to set up direct debits, standing orders, and one-off card payments
  • to provide you with data about IHS Global and how you can support our work as a charity (where you have consented to receiving this data as applicable)
  • to invite you to participate in surveys
  • to notify you about changes to our services
  • to analyse the effectiveness of and activity associated with our websites, web/landing pages, online platforms, and applications, and to ensure that content is presented in the most effective manner for you and your devices (see also our cookie policy link)
  • other marketing and fundraising efforts


  • to record the contact that we have with you
  • for internal record keeping, such as the management of feedback or complaints
  • to analyse and improve the services we offer
  • to further our legitimate charitable aims, such as sending you data about how donations are being used
  • for other administration purposes

You can choose at any time which marketing materials you want to receive from IHS Global and in which format. If there is something you would prefer not to receive, you may unsubscribe from that communication or contact us in any of the ways shown in the How to Contact Us.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to collect data about how our websites are used. These help us to know how often users visit our websites/online platforms, what pages they visit when they do so, how long they engage with those pages/online platforms, and how they use our content online.

Links to other websites

Our websites, web/landing pages, online platforms, and applications may contains link to other third party owned websites such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, the websites associated with our partner organizations, etc.. We are not aware of any personal data that we unintentionally pass to them; however, certain social media widgets may automatically transfer personal data. If so, this is out of our control. Please see the social media privacy notice(s) for more information.
We may also include content from third party-owned websites on our IHS Global-owned websites, web/landing pages, online platforms, and applications. However, we do not have any control over the privacy practices of these other websites. You should make sure when you leave our website that you have read and understood the other website's privacy notice in addition to our own.

Do we sell or share personal data?

We never sell your personal data to other organisations, nor do we intentionally share your personal data with any organizations outside of the IHS Global network. However, we may share your personal data with our partner organizations with your consent. See Page 8 for a list of our current partner organizations.

If we run an event, project, or campaign in collaboration with another named organisation, your details may need to be shared with them and those who provide services to help us deliver the event, project, or campaign. We will make it clear what will happen to your data when you register. For example, IHS Global is collaborating with Healthcare Christian Fellowship of South Africa (HCFSA—a subsidiary of partner HCFI) on a project involving book “Come, Walk with Me.” In this project, HCFSA will notify their constituents about “Come, Walk with Me,” encouraging those constituents to download a free electronic copy of the book from the “Come, Walk with Me” landing page.On this landing page, site visitors will have the opportunity to download a free electronic copy of the book after entering personal data into a lead form. This lead form is connected to the IHS Global database (Virtuous CRM), where the information entered into that lead form will be stored as a contact. Upon downloading the book, two things will happen: (1) that person will begin receiving blog “Lessons Learned on the Journey” from IHS Global among other communications, and (2) that person will be shared as a contact with HCFI to be engaged with however HCFI deems appropriate. Because data sharing is a part of this collaborativeproject, everyone who wishes to download the book must first consent to being contacted by bothIHS Global and HCFI. The privacy policies of both organizations must also be accepted before downloading the book. If someone does not wish to provide their consent, we will be unable to provide them with the book, as our follow-up communications are necessary to process and confirm their download. Other projects like this, involving us and one or more of our partner organizations, will occur with regularity, such as with our Saline Process Trainings. In all such cases, your consent is required before you are able to receive our services. This is to protect you, us, and our partner organizations.

IHS Global may disclose your personal data only in the following circumstances:

  • Where we are under a duty to disclose your personal data tocomply with any legal obligation (for example to government bodies and law enforcement agencies), or in order to enforce or apply our rights (including in relation to our website or other applicable terms and conditions) or to protect IHS Global(for example in cases of suspected fraud or defamation).
  • When we are authorized in sharing that personal data with a partner organization during a collaborative event, project, or campaign, as described above.
  • To third parties who provide a service to us, with us, for us,and/orare our data processors. We employ other companies and individuals to perform functions on our behalf. Examples include fulfilling orders;delivering packages; sending postal mail,email, and SMS messages;removing repetitive data from customer lists; analysing data; providing marketing and communications assistance; processing credit card payments; providing customer service; general IT maintenance; etc. These data processors and third-party affiliates have access to personal data needed to perform their functions but may not use it for purposes other than those needed to perform their functions. We require these third parties to comply strictly with our instructions and data protection laws and will make sure that appropriate controls are in place.
    These third parties include:
    • Virtuous CRM
    • Google Analytics
    • MyEmma
    • WordPress
    • iDonate
    • Gravity Forms
    • MailChimp
    • Microsoft Office 365
    • Zoom
    • Adobe Cloud Suite
    • QuickBooks(online)
    • SAP Concur
    • Donor Perfect
    • SOC
    • OneTrust
    • To other organizations if we have your specific consent

If you would like more data about how your personal data is shared, please contact us in any of the ways shown in the How to Contact Us section.

Our lawful basis for processing data

We rely on a variety of lawful bases for processing data depending on the purpose of processing.

  • We use a contractual basis for processing data relating to subscriptions, purchases from our online store, account creation on of our online platforms, registration for a Saline Process/Salt and Light Training, event bookings, communications subscriptions, etc.
  • We rely on legitimate interests for a variety of purposes. Legitimate interest is about balancing the interests of IHS Global with your rights and freedoms and having due regard to your reasonable expectations about the use of your data. If you would like further information on the balancing of IHS Global’s interests with yours, please contact us in any of the ways shown in the How to Contact Us section.These purposes include:
    • contacting you with information about related resources, events, or ministry updates/opportunities that you might be interested in, given your previous engagement with us
    • thanking (either by email, mail, SMS message, or telephone) those of you who have made a financial gift
    • collecting data on religious and philosophical beliefs (not shared without your specific consent)
  • We also rely on the lawful basis of legitimate interests to share with you the fundraising needs of the charity and to ask for your support, given your engagement with IHS Global resources, events,and programs, etc., provided that we have also previously obtained any additional consents required to send this information to you in particular formats. For example, we will not send fundraising information or requests to you by email or other electronic means or via automated telephone calls if you have priorly opted out of these formats. You can let us know at any time if you would prefer not to receive any of our communications.
  • We use your consent for all the email communications and text messages delivered by any of the activities and programs run by IHS Global. Every email communication you receive provides a clear opportunity for you to opt-out (unsubscribe)from future email communications. The same is true for our other communication channels. Anytime our basis for processing your data is your consent, you may withdraw this consent at any time.

How we keep your personal data safe and who has access to it

We maintain a high level of security in relation to the collection, storage, and disclosure of your data. This is very important to us, and we take steps to ensure that your personal data is safe.

Storing your data

We place great importance on the security of all personal data associated with our subscribers, supporters, and customers.

Datais stored by IHS Globalon secure servers at our offices, off-site,and in the Cloud. We may also store data in paper files and other electronic devices. Our IHS Global networks are protected by a highly encrypted firewall and highly passcoded infrastructures. Any data that is stored in one of our third-party data processors is secured using the best security software available. Virtuous CRM utilizes the Microsoft Azure platform,and IHS Global’s Virtuous account is placed on its very own Azure SQL server, which ensures that our data is protected in a highly secured silo. iDonate, our credit card payment processor, maintains the highest data privacy standards set by GDPR. Microsoft Office 365, including Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, highly encrypts data in transit and at rest using the best of the best, including E-discovery to preserve data, Exchange Online Protection for spam filtering, the Azure data protection and security measures, and a host of other data loss prevention systems. MailChimp requires two-factor authentication to login to any MailChimp account, greatly decreasing the risk of a rogue sign on. Our other third-party applications utilize similar security measures. To ensure your understanding, please visit the privacy policies of our third-party affiliates.

We have security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of personal data under our control. For example, only authorised personnel can access personal data with the appropriate passcodes. We ensure access to data is password protected or secured via locked filing cabinets and we encrypt financial data you input before it is sent to us. While in transit and at rest in our database, your data is secured via our third-party processors. While we cannot ensure or guarantee that loss, misuse, or alteration of data will not occur while it is under our control, we have and will continue to use our best efforts to prevent this.

Any sensitive or special categories of data you may provide to us are only shared on an absolute need to know basis and are stored securely.

We enforce strict procedures and security features to protect your data and prevent unauthorised access, although we cannot completely guarantee the security of any data you transmit to us.

Where you or we have provided a password enabling you to access parts of our website or use our services, it is your responsibility to keep this password confidential. Please don’t share your password with anyone. If you think anyone else has gained access to your password, please let us know as soon as possible.

Transferring your data

Some of the data we store and process stays within the United States and some data may be transferred to other countries.For example, in our collaborative project with HCFSA, a person’s data will be collected by processes developed in the United States and stored in Virtuous, which is based in the United States. However, that data will also be shared with our partner, HCFI, which is based in South Africa and the Netherlands. This means that, for this particular project, personal data will be transferred across international borders. When sharing this data, we will ensure that the highest safety procedures are maintained. Further, we may need to transfer data to a third-party data processor, such as an international distributor, in order to fulfill international orders or other deliverables at your request. Additionally, because the personal data stored in Virtuous can be accessed by any IHS Global staff member who has the necessary login credentials(including two-factor authentication) from anywhere in the world, personal data that was imported into Virtuous from the US may be accessed across international borders. However, Virtuous ensures that their platform is secured with Microsoft’s highly reliable and highly secure Azure system.

Additional instances of data transfer include: one of our supplier’s servers on which personal data is stored is located in another country, or one of our cloud IT platforms disperses data between a number of different servers around the world. In any of the a forementioned instances, these countries may not have similar data protection laws. We ensure that all of our data processors in the US conform to GDPRRegulations: GDPR Archives -GDPR.eu.

By submitting your personal data to us you agree to this transfer, storing, or processing at locations in other countries.

However, we will ensure that your privacy continues to be protected as outlined in this privacy notice and in accordance with our legal obligations under relevant data protection legislation.

Information for users in the EEA or in the UK:

IHS Global may transfer Personal Information from the EEA or the UK to the United States, including Personal Information we receive from individuals residing in the EEA or the UK who visit our Websites and/or who may use our Services or otherwise interact with us. Please note that the term Personal Information used in this Notice is equivalent to the term “personal data” under applicable European and UK data protection laws for individuals located in the EEA or the UK. When IHS Global engages in such transfers of Personal Information, it relies on i) Adequacy Decisions as adopted by European Commission on the basis of Article 45 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR),or ii) Standard Contractual Clauses issued by the European Commission. The European Commission has determined that the Standard Contractual Clauses provide sufficient safeguards to protect personal data transferred outside the EU or EEA. For more information, please visit https: //ec.europa.eu/info/law/law-topic/data-protection/international-dimension-data-protection/standard-contractual-clauses-scc_en.. IHS Global continually monitors the circumstances surrounding such transfers in order to ensure that these maintain, in practice, a level of protection that is essentially equivalent to the one guaranteed by the GDPR.

Following invalidation of the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework in Case C-311/18 by the Court of Justice of the European Union, IHS Global will no longer rely on the EU-US Privacy Shield as a mechanism of international data transfer until further notice.

Payment by credit or debit card

If you use your credit or debit card to donate to us, or pay online, over the phone or in person, we will ensure that this is done securely and in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Find out more data about PCI DSS standards by visiting their website at www.pcisecuritystandards.org.

Only those staff authorised to process payments will be able to see your card details. Once your transaction is completed, we do not store your full credit or debit card details.

We hold bank account details for the purpose of collecting direct debits in accordance with direct debit mandate rules.

Access to a Linked Site
Our website may contain links to other websites. This privacy policy applies only to our sites, so you should always be aware when you are moving to another site and read the privacy statement of any site which collects personal data.

We do not intentionally pass on any personal data about you to any other site when you link to that site.

How long we keep your data for

We will hold your personal data on our systems forever or until(1) you ask for it to be removed, (2) that personal data is no longer useful/relevant, or (3) the law requires us to remove that data.

Where your data is no longer needed, we will ensure that it is disposed of in a secure manner.

If you request that we stop sending you communications of any kind, we will keep a record of your contact details and appropriate data so that we are able to comply with your request.

Your rights

We would like to keep all who engage with IHS Global up to date with our work. To enable this, and to ask whether you are able to support us, we’d like to keep in touch with you (by post, phone, email, text and other electronic means) about our work and how you can continue to help us in this important mission.

We will not use your data for marketing or fundraising purposes if you have asked us not to or if we do not have your consent to use that data for these purposes. However, we will retain your basic details on a suppression list to help ensure that we do not continue to contact you.

If you are registered to receive one of our communications, every email provides a clear opportunity for you to opt out (unsubscribe) from future communications.

The Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation give you certain rights over your data and how we use it. You have the right to:

  • request a copy of the data we hold about you and details of what we do with that data (known as a subject access request)
  • update or amend the data we hold about you if it is wrong or incomplete
  • change your communication preferences at any time
  • withdraw your consent to use of your personal data where we are relying on consent as the lawful basis for processing it
  • ask us to remove your personal data from our records
  • ask us to restrict or cease the processing of your personal data
  • obtain a portable copy of certain personal data where data is collected by consent and is processed automatically
  • object to the processing of your data for marketing purposes or if based on our legitimate interests
  • raise a concern or complaint about the way in which your data is being used
  • ask us to explain any automated processing we carry out and the impact of this on you

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact us in any of the ways shown in the ‘How to contact us’ section at the end of this privacy notice.

We will ask for reasonable proof of your identity before providing you with data or carrying out any of the above actions.

California residents: California residents have specific rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (‘CCPA’). For more information and to exercise your rights, please see the section titled The California Consumer Privacy Act.

Residents of the European Economic Area or the United Kingdom: If you are a resident of the European Economic Area or the United Kingdom, please see the section titled Information for users in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom for further information about your privacy rights.

The California Consumer Privacy Act

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (the ‘CCPA’), California residents have certain rights regarding the Personal Information that businesses have about them. This includes the rights to request access or deletion of your Personal Information, as well as the right to direct a business to stop selling your Personal Information.

Personal Information disclosed for business purposes:

The CCPA rights

  • Right to opt-out of sale:
  • While IHS Global does not sell personal information in exchange for any monetary consideration, we do share Personal Information for other benefits that could be deemed a “sale,” as defined by the CCPA (Cal. Civ. Code 1798.140(t)(1)). We support the CCPA and wish to provide you with control over how your Personal Information is collected and shared.

    You have a right to direct IHS Global not to sell your Personal Information. Click here. to learn more and to exercise your right to opt-out. With respect to cookies, you can always customize your settings at any time. Please note that we may still use aggregated and de-identified Personal Information that does not identify you or any individual. We may also retain Personal Information as needed to comply with legal obligations, enforce Agreements, and resolve disputes.

  • Right to request disclosure:
  • You have right to request disclosure about what categories of Personal Information IHS Global has sold or disclosed for a business purpose about you and the categories of third parties to whom the personal information was sold or disclosed. You have a right to request disclosure of specific pieces of Personal Information. Below is a complete list of the Personal Information that you can include in your request.

  • The categories of Personal Information that IHS Global has collected about you.
  • The categories of sources from which IHS Global collected the Personal Information.
  • The business or commercial purpose for collecting or selling Personal Information.
  • The categories of third parties with whom IHS Global shares Personal Information.
  • The specific pieces of Personal Information IHS Global has collected about you.
  • The categories of Personal Information that IHS Global disclosed about you for business purpose.
  • The categories of Personal Information that IHS Global has sold about you, as well as the categories of third parties to whom IHS Global sold your Personal Information.
  • If you would like to exercise your right to request disclosure, please contact us in any of the ways shown in the How to Contact Us section at the end of this privacy notice. Our privacy team will examine your request and respond to you as quickly as possible.

  • Right to request deletion
  • You have the right to request that IHS Global delete any Personal Information about you that IHS Global has collected from you. Please note that there are exceptions where IHS Global does not have to fulfil a request to delete Personal Information, such as when the deletion of information would create problems with completing a transaction or compliance with a legal obligation.

    If you would like to exercise your right to delete, please contact us in any of the ways shown in the ‘How to contact us’ section at the end of this privacy notice. Our privacy team will examine your request and respond to you as quickly as possible.

  • Right to non-discrimination:
  • IHS will not discriminate against you (e.g., through denying goods or services or providing a different level or quality of goods or services) for exercising any of the rights afforded to you.

  • How do we handle your requests?
  • We endeavour to respond to a verifiable consumer request within the required timeframes. If we need more time, we will inform you of the reason and extension period in writing. If you submit your privacy request electronically through our request form, we will deliver our written response to the verified email associated with the request. If you did not submit the request with us via the online webform, we will deliver our written response by mail or electronically, at your option. Any disclosures we provide will only cover the 12-month period preceding the verifiable consumer request’s receipt. The response we provide will also explain why we cannot comply with a request, if applicable. We do not charge a fee to process or respond to your verifiable consumer request unless it is excessive, repetitive, or manifestly unfounded. If we determine that the request warrants a fee, we will tell you why we made that decision and provide you with a cost estimate before completing your request.

    California and Delaware “Do Not Track” disclosures

    California and Delaware law require IHS Global to indicate whether it honours your browser’s “Do Not Track” settings concerning targeted advertising. IHS Global adheres to the standards set out in this Notice and does not monitor or respond to Do Not Track browser requests.

    Changes to our Privacy Policy

    This privacy policy is regularly reviewed. If it changes, details of the sections of the policy that have been changed will be noted here. Regularly reviewing this page ensures you are always aware of what data we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances.

    This privacy notice was last updated on 11 July 2022.

    How to contact us

    Whether you want to ask a question, exercise your data rights, or for any other reason you can contact us in several ways:

    Email our Data Privacy Officer at: protectmydata@ihsglobal.org

    Contact to our Data Protection Team at IHS Global:

    • Address: PO Box 265, Southeastern, PA, 19399
    • Phone: +1 (610) 935-6030
    • Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm EST