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Translations: Using Heart Languages to Share Faith

A priority of IHS Global is translating our curriculum as often as possible into the…

ICMDA World Congress in Arusha, Tanzania

In June 2023, a team from IHS Global traveled to Arusha, Tanzania to participate in the…

Salt and Light Process Launch in North America

IHS Global had the opportunity to officially launch in North America the Salt & Light…

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Le secours de Dieu apres 6 grossesses sans enfant par la grĂ¢ce de Dieu

Il ya 3 ans que j'ai suivi la formation saline en ligne, cela a rendu ma vie professionnelle plus épanouie et plus outillée pour l'œuvre de Dieu Je… continue


Setting up a local prayer group in my hospital

I have been involved in CMF in the UK throughout my time at medical school and that has continued during my post-graduate years. I love coming to CMF events for multiple… continue


Saline for Tonga, Part 2, Answered Prayer

Our 2nd Saline Process 3 hour introduction happened on Saturday 24th June. We had asked God to increase the number of Tongans attending and send at least one male. He answered. … continue

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