Saline for Tonga, Part 2, Answered Prayer


Glennis Mafi •

Tonga, South Pacific.

Our 2nd Saline Process 3 hour introduction happened on Saturday 24th June.  We had asked God to increase the number of Tongans attending and send at least one male. He answered.  The number of Tongans doubled – well, from one to two, and one of them was a male doctor who works in the difficult Psychiatric Deptartment at the government hospital.  The others were a community nurse assistant, a dietitian working in planning and policy, and the same pharmacist and physician's associate as in Week 1. So, still not large numbers but all have been very attentive, involved in discussion, thinking of ways they can put it into practice in their setting and will be supportive of one another. They hope to meet in 1-2 months to share stories and pray for each other.  Tonga is a small place so even eight committed people can make a difference and spread the word. Please continue to keep Tonga and these eight health workers with their renewed vision in your prayers.



Gloire à Dieu

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Khin Mya Mya Htwe

Praise the Lord. God to continue blessings all of you.

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Saratu Modu

God is in his work thank God for the Answer prayer May God visit them in a special way in Jesus name

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Nirmal John

Praising God for the answered prayer in Part 2 of the training, in the increase in the number of participants. God is faithful!

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Veronika Holland

We pray for Tonga.

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