Putting the tools immediately into practice!


Anne Biro •

Red Deer, Canada

At the end of a recent in-person SPWT, we had a time of sharing. One of the participants said that not only was it a good course, but that what he learned was immediately applicable.

Near the end of the course, he said that he had left the room briefly and encountered a man who had wandered into the church building where the course was being held. The  man was curious about faith and looking to see what the church had to offer. The SPWT participant asked questions, did a brief spiritual assessment, shared a faith story and the gospel message, and gave a truth prescription - inviting him to return to the church that following Sunday. 

It was an encouraging end to the day as we rejoiced in the opportunity that God gave both the participant and the seeker.


Latha Mathew

Thanks for sharing, Anne. That was such a good example of putting theory into practice. May the participant and the seeker grow in their journey with the help of the Holy Spirit.

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Lydia Davids

Thank you for sharing this encouraging story, Anne! The SPWT participant's actions remind me of the importance of being a doer and not only a hearer (applying James 1:22). Praying for both the seeker and the participant.


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