IHS Global® equips Christians in healthcare and beyond through working in partnership with Christian organizations who have a shared vision, commitment and DNA. The International Saline Partnership is a multilateral covenant partnership around the Saline Process™. Other partners connect with IHS Global to roll out the equipping of witnesses within their organizations. The following are partners of IHS Global:


A member of the International Saline Partnership

IHS-Alapitvány would like to help the following persons and organizations:

  • Church organizations and their members who devote their work in hospitals or in outpatient care to share the Gospel through encouraging the meeting of these needs.
  • Healthcare workers who would like to share their love of Jesus Christ in this way.
  • Such organizations that would like to serve Jesus Christ by their ministry in the healthcare field.


Nurses Christian Fellowship International
A member of the International Saline Partnership

The Mission of NCFI is to equip and encourage Christian nurses to integrate Biblical principles and Christ-centered values within clinical practice, leadership, education and research.


Ukraine Medical Outreach
A member of the International Saline Partnership

The mission of UMO is to minister to the unreached and underserved in Ukraine by equipping Christians and Christian medical professionals to proclaim and demonstrate the love of God to their colleagues and patients.


Medical Benevolence Foundation

For over 50 years, MBF has worked to provide hope and healing to those most in need. Working with our partners, MBF supports healing ministries in more than 100 hospitals, clinics and nursing schools throughout the world.

IHS Global

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