Translations: Using Heart Languages to Share Faith

A priority of IHS Global is translating our curriculum as often as possible into the heart languages of witness trainers and participants. Our newest version of the Saline Process Witness Training 1.4 has 14 languages in various stages of translation including: French, German, Mongolian, Spanish, and Korean with several others from restricted or hostile countries. The Saline Process Witness Training 1.3 has an additional 17 languages such as Norwegian, Polish, and many from restricted or hostile countries also in various stages of translation. During trainings, Witness Trainers can access and download materials on the Saline Online Community website either in their own language or in English if necessary. 

With the launch of the Salt & Light Process, we are again working on translations and Hungarian is the first in line. We are also creating a Salt & Light Online Community similar to the Saline Online Community.

Our curriculum goes through a rigorous process of translation and review, often by volunteers, and we are exceedingly grateful to those who work on these materials. Please pray for the translators and reviewers as they ensure the materials meet the standard of IHS Global while simultaneously keeping the curriculum relevant in participants’ languages.