UPDATE: Saline Process Online Training (SPOT)

IHS Global is excited to announce that the Saline Process Online Training has a new look! This course has been updated, though the content remains largely the same.

If you previously completed SPOT, you may notice that the course now looks incomplete. This is because the content in the course is “new.” However, you can still click around from question to question, so you should be able to review any course content as you desire.

For those of you who haven’t taken the course in a while, now is a wonderful time to go through it again from start to finish. We pray that the new layout, interactions, and features will be a blessing to you as you complete the Saline Process Online Training.

As always, everyone is welcome to take SPOT. If there is someone you know who might be interested in this course, please share this link: https://www.ihsglobal.org/spot

To see a demo and learn more about what's new and what's the same with SPOT, join the webinar on 26 May at 12:00 UTC. Here is the link to register: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYkd-6tpjwiHNFp35F_dAFBbLS3-1wkcY1h

For any questions or technical difficulties related to SPOT, please contact spotsupport@ihsglobal.org.