Salt & Light Process™

An extension of IHS Global’s Saline Process®, the Salt & Light Process™ focuses on transformational equipping for all believers to be witnesses for Christ where they live, work, and play.

Salt & Light Process™

  • Focuses on equipping all believers to be witnesses
  • Gives practical ideas to share Christ where people live, work and play
  • Helps people come closer to knowing Christ in meaningful ways
  • Teaches about Cultivating, Sowing, Harvesting and Multiplying
  • Centers on Acts 1:8 and many other Scripture references and stories

Christian Witnesses Learn to:

  • Be Salt, Light and Witnesses every day
  • Pray for present and eternal ways to love their neighbors
  • Find opportunities to fulfill God’s call and to encourage others
  • Recognize emotional, intellectual, and volitional barriers to Christ
  • Describe where they and others are on their Spiritual Journeys
  • Consider characteristics in themselves that make a real difference for others
  • Use tools to encourage others in their journeys to Christ
  • Understand believers are not alone -- the Holy Spirit and co-laborers are also at work

The Salt & Light Process™ Difference

  • Trains witnesses to share Christ in all areas of their lives
  • Focuses on principles and tools based on love of neighbor, not a formula
  • Becomes an overflow of God’s work through us
  • Transforms believers to be a witness rather than to witness
  • Celebrates both small and large steps toward Christ
  • Centers on seeing the whole person
  • All with permission, sensitivity, and respect!

The Salt & Light Process™ includes

  • Salt & Light Process™ Witness Training
  • Follow-up
  • Mentoring
  • Accountability
  • Multiplication

A Global Network of Indigenous Salt & Light Process™ Witness Trainers

Equipping, mentoring, and resourcing previously trained witnesses as witness trainers will create a global network of indigenous trainers.

Salt & Light Process™ witness training system also includes a Salt & Light Training –the Trainers course, which equips those previously in the Salt & Light Process™ to train other believers in their region or locality.

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