The Saline Process™ healthcare witness training is designed to equip and mobilize Christian healthcare workers as witnesses of the love and reality of Jesus at the bedsides and in the clinics where they work.

Christian Healthcare Workers learn to:

  • Cover their patients and colleagues with personal and team prayer.
  • Take spiritual histories along with medical histories.
  • Discern an individual’s barriers to faith in Jesus.
  • Plant Faith Flags that can lead to conversation about Jesus.
  • Tell personal Faith Stories that connect with the patient’s circumstance.
  • Pray with patients and their families.
  • Give Truth Prescriptions: words of Scripture to comfort and speak truth.
  • Encourage people to consider a decision to follow Jesus.
  • Give a patient the opportunity to trust in Jesus.
  • Build a spiritual referral team and refer patients to the team and local churches.

The Saline Process Difference:

  • Recognizes that the transformation of a skeptic to a believer is a journey.
  • Focuses on guiding principles and tools, not a methodology.
  • Becomes an overflow of God’s work through us, not personally overwhelming.
  • Transforms believers into intentional witnesses—to be a witness rather than to witness.
  • Celebrates people taking even the smallest step toward Jesus.
  • Cultivates a vision & an identity as a witness for Jesus which, in turn, inspires living as a witness.

The Saline Process – much more than a one-time training.

Key elements of the Saline Process are:

  • Saline Process Witness Training
  • Follow-up
  • Mentoring
  • Accountability
  • Multiplication

The Saline Online Community

is connecting witnesses, trainers, and other leaders from South Africa to Siberia. Through 91 language translation options they are:

  • Sharing stories,
  • Praying for one another,
  • Accessing training resources
  • Inputting data & evaluations, maintining worldwide calendars and logistics, and
  • Receiving 18 months of follow-up

The Saline Process Online Training (SPOT) is used:

  • As a preliminary step before a virtual or live training,
  • As a refresher for witnesses,
  • As a resource for witness trainers.
If you are interested, you can take this online training at These concepts can be used in any work or life situation. (Designed for desktop, laptop, smart phone, or tablet.)

Local Fellowship Groups

Through our partner organizations, local fellowships form and grow. Members pray and encourage one another. The natural result is motivation, both in sharing Jesus at the bedsides and clinics where they work, and in training other witnesses.

A Global Network of Indigenous Saline Process Witness Trainers

Equipping, mentoring, and resourcing previously trained Saline Process witnesses as witness trainers has created a global network of indigenous trainers. They are members/associates of our partner organizations. These Christian healthcare organizations and ministries are the foundation of this global network.

The Saline Process training system also includes a Saline Process Training-the-Trainers (SPTTT) course, which equips those previously in the Saline Process to, in turn, train other Christian colleagues in their region or locality.

For more information on local training events, please contact us.